Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hang Out With The Locals At Rita Mae’s In Manchester

One of the more interesting restaurants in Manchester, Rita Mae’s, can be found on the west side of the city. Serving breakfast and lunch, it had been a very long time since our last visit.

You really have to look for them on Main Street down the road from Catholic Medical Center. A small building with a sign is visible with on street parking in front. The inside is a rectangular room with a bunch of tables. These had previously been covered with record albums but they ditched those for just plastic tablecloths.

The most endearing quality of Rita Mae’s are the locals who speak freely about their lives and could care less if anyone hears about it. Families, single diners and couples all chatting with the wait staff like long last friends. The servers here have a biting wit and sense of humor which works for their environment.

On to the food, they have standard New England breakfast items and everything was fine. My bacon burrito was decent but at $11.99 seemed a bit high. The description made this sound like it would have a lot more of everything stuffed inside. My wife had a hash omelet and this was well made.

NH Reviews wishes there were more local hangouts like Rita Mae's. They are not easy to find but definitely an enjoyable and interesting experience.


280 Main Street
Manchester, NH 03102