Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Gemelli Reason Enough To Visit Filho's Great Road

One of the best ways to find new restaurants is by listening to others talking about their favorites. This was the case recently when my wife overheard someone raving about Filho’s Great Road in Acton, MA.

Just a short drive from the Nashua area, Filho’s specializes in Italian dishes. Their menu features salads, appetizers and sandwiches along with classic and pasta plates. On this we jumped right in with their house-made meatballs.  

There were three all beef with the flavor of cheese most noticeable. These are recommended.  

On the entrees, my choice was the Gemelli con Salsiccia.

This is grilled Italian sausage with their fresh gemelli, marinara, mushrooms, Romano cheese and garlic oil. The best part of this dish was the gemelli that is a major step above pasta out of a box and something you should try. The sausage is low on the spiciness scale with a mild taste. The portion of meat was small. Anyone with a hearty appetite who prefers hot sausages may be best served considering other options.  

The second entree was the Pollo Verona.

An interesting take on chicken Marsala with the addition of shrimp and provolone cheese. Served with their fresh gemelli in a nice light sauce this one was a delight for our taste buds.   

In terms of improvement,  the kitchen should be aware that our food on balance was warm and not hot when delivered.  This probably has more to do with timing between the front and back of the house.   

Dessert was a combination of chocolate cake, peanut butter mousse, peanut butter gelato and caramel corn. This was superb and a perfect ending to our meal.

Overall, NH Reviews was pleased with the food and service at Filho’s Great Road and plans to visit again. They have a second location in Groton that does not offer table service.

59 Great Road
Acton, MA. 01720


235 Main Street
Groton, MA. 01450