Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Corey Fletcher Shines At Revival Kitchen And Bar

There is nothing better than trying a restaurant for the first time. This is even more important in Concord where new places to dine do not happen that frequently so we were excited about our visit to Revival Kitchen and Bar. 

Having previously worked at the Centennial Inn, we were curious to discover what Chef Corey Fletcher would create when left to his own devices. The farm to table influence is shown clearly as you look into the kitchen and see Fletcher hard at work. Directly above the kitchen is a brown wooden board, the sole focus, with a cow and standing on that a pig and then there is the chicken clearly stating in a picture what the restaurant is all about. Everything else around it has seemingly been kept on purpose industrial and minimalistic making this stand out even more.

Corey’s expertise shines through in the food where he finds the perfect combination of textures and flavors. Having tried rabbit before, I knew that the Song Away Farm stew would be my selection this evening. Chef Fletcher has brought this to another level that words can not express. The simple carrot, potato cheddar pierogis, cippolini onions and a creme fraiche are all brought together by the light natural juices from the meat.

The Vernon Family Farm chicken breast is given top billing. Chef tosses in sweetness with bourbon pecan brittle and dried cherries to give your tastes buds a change from the ordinary. Then, he sears in the juices by browning the skin beautifully  And if that wasn’t enough, pancetta and root vegetable hash for a starch. My confidence is high that few in the Concord area have had chicken this well prepared.

Sweet potato agnolotti has components of maple chestnut butter, walnuts, sage pesto, and pomegranate jelly. As you sample each in turn not knowing what to expect and discover a purpose for them in your enjoyment when every bite is better than the last. The sage pesto was a personal favorite with the slightest hint of cheese and just enough oil to develop a classic.

The final achievement brings us to a terrine. Strawberries, blueberries and red raspberries sit atop fresh whipped cream. Below a pate awaits with a rich thin chocolate layer. Pieces of whitebark peer out from the middle that you bite into with a crunch and savior the sea salt that arrives moments later.

This is a wonderful environment for the wait staff, the food quality speaks for itself and prices are reasonable allowing the team to focus more on service without having to worry so much about items that are beyond their control. The stew came in at $22.00 and the chicken entree $25.00, fair for the capital region and less than you would pay in a larger city like Boston.

Corey Fletcher has developed one of the best at Revival Kitchen and Bar. Order a couple of drinks, sit back, relax and enjoy.

11 Depot Street
Concord, NH. 03301