Thursday, March 1, 2018

Frekey’s Dairy Freeze to open in Concord

There is a new place to eat ice cream in Concord, Frekey’s Dairy Freeze is on the way.

This is at the former location of Summer Freeze on Fisherville Road,  They had developed a following over their many years in business and would be very busy on warm days.  We were among the loyal customers and stopped in for a soft serve or flurry once or twice a month.  Then, it all went downhill.  The last time NH Reviews visited the ice cream had a strange aftertaste and that was the last time for us. Their closure may have been sad but all for the best in our opinion.

The space sat empty and unused most of 2017 until late in the year when Carol Frekey became the new owner after purchasing Summer Freeze. Anyone from Chichester probably knows the business because they have had a location on Suncook Road since 1983. Carol decided to change the name from Summer Freeze to Frekey's Dairy Freeze to match their other location.  They are planning to offer hard and soft serve ice cream only.

Frekey’s Dairy Freeze hopes to open in early April. NH Reviews looks forward to the new ownership bringing the space back to its former glory.  

74 Fisherville Road
Concord, NH 03303


97 Suncook Road
Chichester, NH 03258