Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lakehouse Tavern Worth A Drive To Hopkinton

It has been awhile since NH Reviews announced that Lakehouse Tavern was opening in Hopkinton.  Now that the craziness has died down, we decided to find out for ourselves how they are doing.

Situated on a small pond you can either eat outside or dine in and our choice was inside.  There is a bar on the lower floor with the main dining room up the stairs. They offer booths on the side and tables are sprinkled throughout.

We began with a couple of sociables, my wife had a blood orange martini and I went with a microbrew. Compared to our past visits to prior restaurants at this location that had sub par drinks these were a major upgrade. There were several craft beers on draft including a few from Concord Craft Brewery, a local favorite. Our waitress did well to help me navigate to the best options available.

Scallops wrapped in bacon was our starter pick. The slightly salty exterior was complemented nicely by the soft seafood inside.

On to the entrees, baked stuffed shrimp did not disappoint.

A sherry sauce covers 6 large shrimp with a seafood stuffing topping each.

This was followed by the steak tips gorgonzola.

Steak tips and fettuccine are combined here in a gorgonzola and parmesan cream sauce. This had a nice strong cheese flavor enhanced by large chunks of gorgonzola. My preference would be a thicker sauce and larger portion of steak.

Dessert brought us a homemade chocolate brownie covered in chocolate ice cream. This is recommended.

Owner Richard Ridinger has smartly created an inviting tavern atmosphere. Reasonably priced comfort foods with craft beer to go along in a relaxed environment. Take a ride out to Hopkinton and visit Lakehouse Tavern.

157 Main Street
Hopkinton, NH 03229