Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Table 8 Planning To Launch Soon In Bedford

A new restaurant concept is in the works for the town of Bedford as Table 8 is starting business operations soon.

The owners of this fast casual restaurant are hoping to revolutionize the pasta market. The general idea is to serve several different types of freshly made pasta.  Marinara and meat sauce would also be offered along with 8 to 10 additional specialty options.  All prepared in only 6 minutes for their patrons who are looking for something quick.

The first location is planned for a site behind the Walgreens on Wallace Road. For anyone familiar with the area it is near the Wine’ing Butcher.

The future looks bright with 3 to 4 other restaurants under consideration over the next three years. These would most likely be in New England and maybe in some of the larger cities in New Hampshire including Concord.

The timing of opening is possible in about seven weeks but could take much longer depending on how all the details progress. Please be patient.

NH Reviews loves the idea and will plan to stop in for a taste of freshly made pasta once they begin service.