Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Burgerim Coming Soon To Manchester

There is a new burger joint in the works for Manchester, Burgerim is hoping to open soon.

This is according to their website that lists room 104 at the Mall of New Hampshire as their planned location for a new restaurant. The fast-growing chain is based out of Encino, California. This would be their first dining establishment in the Granite State.

The company has a simple business model that focuses on gourmet hamburgers. Customization is easy on their single patty burgers that you can get in a size of 1, 2, 3 or a party box of 16. Specialization is not a problem here because they have 3 types of buns, 5 sauces, 11 different types of patties, and 12 topping options. Meal deals include sides and a drink.

NH Reviews did check in with The Mall of New Hampshire and they confirmed that Burgerim will be opening there.  The restaurant is going to be located in the former AC Moore building, along with a few other new stores. The timing is at least a couple of months out or possibly longer.

The Mall of New Hampshire

1500 S. Willow St, Room 104
Manchester, NH 03103