Friday, June 8, 2018

Nomads Kitchen Restaurant Food Truck Combo Coming Soon To Durham

Nomads Kitchen is expanding in Durham. In addition to their food truck, they are adding a brick and mortar restaurant.

Their food truck business began in 2017 and offers bowls, wraps, and sliders along with 12 homemade sauces. They focus on using fresh, healthy ingredients. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available and identified on their menu.

The restaurant will feature a similar menu to their current mix of options. There will also be some additions with a mac and cheese bar in the works.

NH Reviews sees a trend developing with more food trucks turning into restaurants. Making this type of move for an owner makes sense as it does for Nomads Kitchen. By first developing a local following over time and perfecting a menu that works in a smaller food truck environment. Then, when the time is right taking the next big step but with less risk than starting something like this from scratch.

There are others who are trying the same model. We can look at Road Hawg BBQ Swine Dining in Gorham that is hoping to move into an old Pizza Hut.  PhugginBurger is also giving this a try on Maine Street in Somersworth.

Construction has been underway since early this year and the project is nearing completion. They would like to start service in early or mid July in Durham near UNH. We wish Nomads Kitchen good luck with their new venture.

9 Madbury Road
Durham, NH 03823