Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Too Slow At NoLo In Tyngsborough

On Pawtucket Boulevard between Nashua and Lowell, you may have noticed The Stonehenge Hotel & Spa. Tucked away in a pretty wooded area with the Merrimack River in view across the road, we have driven by many times and always chatted about trying their restaurant, NoLo Bistro & Bar, the latest attempt to bring a successful dining establishment to the Hotel. Hearing of their Sunday Brunch, the time was right to find out first hand and report back.

The decor is impressive, a large colorful long bar greeted us to the left. Dark woods are seen throughout and looking up the ceilings seem to reach the clouds. In the distance the expanse and length of the dining area go on forever. We reached the end where the sunlight can shine through large windows that surround the outer perimeter. For us, unfortunately, this day was not one of those.

The restaurant had only a few other guests on this Sunday morning adding to a chilly and empty feeling in the air. The sensation was not reduced when the silverware felt as though it had been left in a refrigerator overnight. With cold hands wrapped around my coffee cup, they began to slowly warm.

To their credit, the NoLo small brunch menu items are cooked to order and not served on a buffet line. Our group had a decent sampling of their offerings including create your own omelette, buttermilk pancake, southwestern breakfast skillet, traditional eggs benedict, and a patty melt were among the choices. We waited and waited and someone commented that this was taking a long time. Our food finally started to arrive but everything was mistimed with ten minutes passing between the delivery of the first and last plate. By the end, the meals for some had cooled because they did not want to start eating until everyone at the table was served. Overall, NH Reviews thought the entrees were well made despite the hiccups.

There were two servers working our table and they were very nice throughout. That said, there were areas for improvement and details are important. The question” how was everything” came at the very end and needs to be mentioned much earlier. And, how do you want your patty melt cooked? should have been asked to ensure that the burger was cooked to the guests liking and it was not. Additionally, the coffee that was hot initially was lukewarm on subsequent refillings.

Although we were impressed by NoLo’s beautiful location and environment, the long food wait time was too much for us to overlook. We would not be running back for a second try anytime soon.

This review was specific to Sunday Brunch and menu only, they also offer regular breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bar service.

160 Pawtucket Blvd.
Tyngsborough, MA 01879

(978) 649-4400