Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Old Ferry Landing 100% Fresh Lobster Meat Dare

One day when we were hanging outside on the Poco’s Deck something caught our eye that compelled us to say something. The sign below was visible in front of the Old Ferry Landing in Portsmouth.

As you can see, according to the restaurant, they are the only place that serves 100 percent fresh lobster meat in town. Old Ferry Landing is so confident-in fact-that they are daring everyone to find another dining establishment that offers the same. If true then NH Reviews would have to say that The Old Ferry Landing is the go-to for lobster in Portsmouth.

The competition for customers is fierce with so many dining establishments right next to each other. Any perceived advantage, especially with something like lobster, is not insignificant. Visitors are looking for the real deal and not frozen. That means fresh lobster with no excuses, this is the New England coast after all. With that in mind, NH Reviews contacted a few other restaurants in the area to find out about their lobster meat.

We did hear back from Surf Seafood “all of our lobster meat is 100% fresh shucked all the time. We don’t do any frozen whatsoever.” and The River House. “River House uses only fresh lobster meat.”

Perhaps there are some others that would like to provide us with feedback.

The Old Ferry Landing

10 Ceres Street



Surf Seafood

99 Bow Street



The River House

53 Bow Street