Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Downfall Of Papa Gino’s

Papa Gino’s has fallen on hard times and have closed a number of their restaurants recently throughout New England. This included the companies DeAngelo’s brand that saw losses as well. We understand that the Manchester, Nashua, and Portsmouth locations were abruptly shuttered with no warning. Just a sign on the door that they were out of business. Per usual, NH Reviews has some of our own ideas on the reason.

What happened? NH Reviews had been a frequent visitor in the past for the pizza, chicken parm, and meatballs and then everything changed. In Nashua, we had ordered a pie and upon opening the box found that it was undercooked. I was miffed and had to drive back to have it redone but there were other problems.

Continuing on, we think they altered their sauce or are at least have modified their preparation method. NH Reviews regularly ordered pizza and then stopped about a year ago. The sauce definitely tasted different and not for the better. A strong tomato and fresh flavor had been replaced with blandness.

Then there are the meatballs and this really got me steamed. The price for these to take out was one of the best deals around. I ordered the meaty morsels so much that I was coined “meatball boy” by one of the supervisors. One day some genius decided to increase the price substantially and that was the end.  

Companies close dining establishments because they are no longer profitable and that usually means their customers are going elsewhere for their meals. In our opinion, Papa Gino’s has alienated those who were loyal customers and have not gained any net new patrons leaving management with no choice but to cut out their underperforming restaurants.