Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sun Asian Bistro Coming Soon To Derry

Remember the Heritage Restaurant that closed earlier this year. There is good news for anyone in the greater Derry area because Sun Asian Bistro is in the way.

The space at 91 West Broadway has been a challenge for prior restaurants due to a small parking lot. The property is unique with an auto repair place next door. Let’s hope the new owners have better luck than their predecessors.

The menu will focus on home made Asian cooking. For appetizers, you can expect to find fried rolls, spring rolls, crispy wonton, wonton soup, gyoza, beef/chicken skewers, chicken wings, salad, vegetable tempura, calamari, and steamed edamame, Entree options are beef stew, grilled pork chop with rice, steamed rice vermicelli in bowl-bun, pad thai-stir fried noodles, woven vermicelli, Vietnamese crepe, Vietnamese baguette-banh mi, crispy noodle, vegetarian crispy noodle, and fried rice. Noodle soups include pho-beef, wonton, seafood, chicken, and vegetarian noodle. Look for desserts to end your meal such as brownie and vanilla ice cream along with creme brûlée. These are changed on a weekly basis.

We wish Sun Asian Bistro best of luck running their restaurant in a difficult location. NH Reviews will be cheering for their success.