Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mr. Baker Cheesecake Company To Open Retail Store In Manchester

A seller of cheesecakes since 2010, Mr. Baker Cheesecake Company is getting their own brick and mortar retail store. At the former location of Kay’s Bakery, they are setting up new digs at 443 Lake Avenue where full cakes and slices will be offered.

They have 500 different flavors with such delectable options as Death by Chocolate, Triple Twix, Blueberry White Chocolate, Banana Split, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Mousse, Mango Strawberry Bars, Truffle Pops, and Strawberry Fat Bombs along with drinks infused with cheesecake. Over 21 specialty cakes are also available with the addition of alcohol. Having a special event where sending a dessert is preferred, ask them about delivery options.

The company has never really had a home operating in a state of flux while offering their goodies at several stores and restaurants over the years. Now, that is all about to change any day as they are at the final stages of finishing their new bakery.

There are few in the state focused on cheesecake like Mr. Baker. Let’s face it, if you love these dense sweet treats a visit to Lake Avenue in Manchester is probably in your future. Pre-order at (603)935-8688. They will customize to your specifications.