Thursday, January 24, 2019

Why Did Cabonnay In Manchester Close?

We are compelled to begin with the sad story of Cabonnay, the now out of business restaurant in Manchester. The outward aura of a place that always seemed oversold to us. Billed as some type of museum that had several different restaurants and a rooftop deck. The owner spent a fortune trying to bring this into reality.

NH Reviews had talked about going a number of times and never followed through. They screamed of “pretentiousness” and “you are not welcome” probably turning off many potential customers that were needed to keep the business running.  

Driving by their location on Bridge Street the outward appearance was a disappointment and did not help their cause. The entire building and rooftop deck were much smaller than expected. There was no “wow” factor or feeling of “amazing” to make us think we must go inside to find out more and try a dining room.

Any restauranteur has to be careful about the overhyping of a new concept. There was too much confusion from the start and excessive marketing of what Cabonnay was and would become.

Nothing pains us more than seeing a vision and investment go down in flames. In hindsight, it is always easy to criticize and we give the owner credit for trying to bring something new to the Manchester dining scene. NH Reviews hopes they try again while keeping in mind the changes they would make next time.