Thursday, May 2, 2019

Terrasini Pastry Shop Opening Soon In Newington

A new bakery is opening in Newington, Terrasini Pastry Shop is coming soon.

We have to go back to August of 2017 for the beginning of this story when the company opened its first location in Concord at The Steeplegate Mall. There were concerns about their long term viability in a mall that was losing businesses and customers on an ongoing basis. Well, the mall is still there and so is the bake shop much to the surprise of many who thought they couldn’t make this work.

Now, building on that success,  the business is branching out and opening a second location in Newington at The Fox Run Mall In the food court.   The offerings there are expected to be the same as they are in Concord.    To give you an idea on options, pastries might include zeppole, rum baba, lobster tail,  napoleon, cannoli,  and ricotta pie.  Cookies are cucidati, vanilla, Italian butter, pignoli, gigilana, and biscotti.  Cakes, coffee, and catering are also available.

They hope to open soon and are waiting on licensing that is needed before moving forward.  We wish Terrasini Pastry Shop continued success in Concord and good luck with their new shop in Newington.