Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Dairy Queen in Concord Has Closed

The Dairy Queen in Concord is currently closed at least temporarily.  We drove by and there is a sign on the door that reads.

“CLOSED - Re - opening soon”

NH reviews tried to call them for more information and the number rings continuously with no answer.   This was not a frequent stop for us but we did visit occasionally for a flurry or especially their Peanut Buster Parfait.

The site had a few lone cars in the parking lot and not much else.  The inside had not been changed and even the electric menu boards were still eliminated in the darkness. The drive-through menu had been pulled down and only an empty plastic shell remained.

They had opened with much fanfare at 196 Loudon Road back in 2016 and were a welcome addition for many who were looking for an alternative to Arnie's.  Now,  we are left to wonder what the future status is not only here but for the chain in general.

Maybe their time has passed with everyone trying to eat healthier.  The cooler spring probably didn’t help them either with all the rain and cloudy days.  In terms of quality, they were not high on our list.