Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Burgers On Main Coming Soon To Rochester

More changes in the restaurant world, Burgers On Main is moving from Somersworth to Rochester.

It seems like they had only recently replaced PhugginBurger at 6 Main Street. The business had just closed here over this past weekend.  Now, they are moving to downtown Rochester into a bigger space.   The plan is to upgrade their services offering a full liquor license, karaoke, and live bands.

The menu is expected to remain the same and include starters, burgers and chicken sandwiches, salads, and pizza.   For anyone who has never been, they have some interesting choices to pick from such as Kate The Great, Bean There Done That, The Bostonian, Gotta Have Faith, Fallon For You, The Woodland Station, and The Apple Orchard Chicken.

As we have mentioned before, location is critical to the success of any restaurant and our guess is that the owners regret opening in Somersworth. The reality of a mistake can be harsh and a learning experience.  With a population over 30,000, Rochester is almost three times the size and appears to be a better fit.

The new space is at 45 North Main Street in Rochester, the old Fresh Vibes spot.  They hope to open sometime in early September.