Friday, August 2, 2019

Banners Kitchen And Tap To Open In Boston

We thought this one might be of interest for anyone who travels from New Hampshire into Boston for sporting events.  Banners Kitchen and Tap is coming soon.

They will be located at the site of the old Boston Garden in The Hub on Causeway.   The new restaurant is expected to be the city’s biggest sports bar and include a 100 seat high-end VIP room with steak and seafood on the menu.

Are you tired of eating frozen out of the box bar food?  Banners is hoping to change all that with a made from scratch kitchen concept where they plan to use fresh local ingredients whenever possible.

To accomplish their goal, the business is going full in on the tools of the trade.  Behind the scenes, a brand new kitchen has been installed to help the Chef create amazing meals.

Banners Kitchen and Tap is hoping to open sometime in the fall of this year.  NH Reviews looks forward to checking them out before our next Celtics game.

Service will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The address is The Hub On Causeway, 82 Causeway Street, Boston, MA 02114.   Event space is available for your private or corporate needs.