Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Crust and Crumb Is Expanding Into Wellington’s Space In Concord

A popular Concord bakery is about to make some major changes.  Crust and Crumb is expanding into the old Wellington’s location next door.  

The current plan is to knock out part or all of the wall that exists between the two spaces creating a much larger open area for dining and their bakery along with additional seating.  It is our understanding that more sweet treats and savory items will be part of the new Crust and Crumb.

The business has been very successful since opening in 2012 and is the best bakery in Concord.  NH Reviews has sampled many of their goodies over the years such as whoopie pies, cakes, and their delicious seasonal treats at Christmas and Easter.  We know from experience that they should be your first stop when thinking about anything baked. 

On the expansion, all we can say is that it is about time and seems to make sense.   There is no doubt that the current space is cramped with only a few tables.  It is impressive that the team has been able to pump out quality products from what looks like a very small kitchen.

We do not know the timing only that they hope to start renovations soon.