Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dixie Blues In Nashua Has Apparently Closed

The news out of Nashua for Dixie Blues on Amherst Street is not great, they have apparently closed.

We had heard that they were closing for vacation from July 4th to the 7th and were supposed to reopen on July 8th at 3:00 pm.   Since then, nothing. There have been reports from several potential customers who arrived at the doors only to find them locked.

NH Reviews stopped by over the weekend when they should have been opened and all was dark.   Their phone when dialed is never answered and goes to a blank voice mail with no indication of the business name.

To be fair on the reason, we never visited Dixie Blues and cannot speak from personal experience on the food,  environment, service or atmosphere. That said, the feedback from others seemed to be a mixed bag with some loving them and the rest not so much.  

There was plenty of excitement when the business opened in late 2018 with a New Orleans style dining establishment theme. Live blues and southern food in combination. Seemingly too good to be true and maybe it was.

Perhaps Dixie Blues will suddenly announce that they took an extended vacation but we doubt it.  All signs point to a restaurant that has closed.