Friday, September 13, 2019

Renovation At 76-82 North Main Street In Concord To Include Restaurant

After The Crazy Goat at 76-82 North Main Street in Concord closed, we hoped that a new restaurant would open in the space. Driving by recently,  I noticed something was happening.  What was going on?

Apparently,  Bangor Savings Bank purchased and is renovating the property at 76-82 North Main Street. My heart sank initially, what about the dining establishment? There is good news on that front.  The proposed uses on the city zoning department documents are encouraging in terms of something food-related. They mentioned a branch bank location, restaurant, and other uses.

Work has just started on the property with construction company Landry French at the helm.  Paper covers the glass outside and activity can be seen inside.  The renovation will include all 4 stories, new storefront,  stairs, elevator, and sprinklers.

In the drawings, they are creating a beautiful building and addition to downtown Concord.  The branch bank is on the left-hand side with the restaurant on the right.   The first floor is expected to have 2,199 square feet of available space, plenty of room for something decent.

There is always the possibility that their plans could change but we are hopeful for a new and exciting restaurant.   NH Reviews is thankful that Bangor Savings Banks has picked Concord for their investment.