Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Restaurant Activity In Durham Fueled By Population Growth

Sometimes we like to zero in on towns where restaurant interest and activity are increasing.  NH Reviews looks for a growing population as a key indicator and Durham, New Hampshire is at the top of our list. 

It all seemed to start in late 2016 when Hop + Grind, a new burger joint announced that they were planning to open in town in a collaboration with Tuckaway Tavern.  A good beginning, yes, but there was something big on the horizon. 

NH Reviews is unsure exactly when the talks started regarding Clark’s Restaurants but thinking it was sometime in 2018.  Anyway, we wrote about Doug Clark’s bold plan to transform the downtown dining scene with a new Italian restaurant under the name Ciao Italia, market, wine bar, and event center.   

More recently, The Big Bean Cafe, a breakfast and lunch spot, announced that they were opening a second location in town at 8 Jenkins Court.  The other dining establishment is in Newmarket. 

Northeast Pie Company just reopened in Durham after a long hiatus.  Their food truck had been located in Rochester and they were waiting to find the right location and did at Conant Courtyard.  The business serves breakfast, lunch, and dessert pies. 

And last but not least, Sweetened Memories Bakery is opening at 13 Jenkins Court, Suite 120.  For over 5 years they have been an in-home bakery only.  Not anymore, the owner hopes to start service at the brick and mortar store in late October.