Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Friendly’s On North Main Street In Concord Is Closing

Sad news, the Friendly’s on North Main Street in Concord is closing.

For fans of the dining establishment,  there is still time to get your last digs in but not for long.  According to a sign posted outside the restaurant,  their official closing date is October 20th.

The company has fallen on hard times and this seems to be just another tick mark on a long list that have shut their doors.   Nashua closed and so did Keene and there will probably be many more.

My last time at the North Main Street location was for a coffee early one day a few years ago.  Since then, unfortunately,  there have been no visits. The breakfasts were okay but they were competing with too many other higher-quality places and in the end customers were lost.

We actually spent more of our time at their Loudon Road location with ice cream our favorite choice.  Their specials on sandwiches were a draw for us a few times with waffle fries a decent side. 

Dinners were never part of the mix after a bad experience at a Friendly’s many years ago in New York.  I had ordered a grilled chicken dinner and in the middle, it was raw and had to be sent back. That said, they had their loyal fans and for them, Friendly’s will be missed.