Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best places for Ice Cream in New Hampshire during the winter

Winter began on December 21 and for all of the ice cream lovers this is a tough time of year because most of the good stands have closed and it will be many months before they open. But for those like me who love ice cream there are a few options to get a tasty treat. And so it begins, the search in the wasteland to find those places that serve ice cream in the winter.
Although they are known more for their chicken tenders I suggest you check out the ice cream at the Puritan Backroom in Hooksett. My personal favorite is the Grapenut.

The Goldenrod -Drive in Restaurant on Candia Road in Manchester has good ice cream and especially the sundaes.

There is also an interesting place at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts. I know, it isn’t in New Hampshire but is unique and you might want to check it out for something different. The treat is called a “shotcake” and no it is not a cake with alcohol in it. These are cupcakes filled with shots of soft serve ice cream. Just go to the food court area and you will see it.

For those on the seacoast, the Beach Plum is a good option for a tasty treat.

Hebert’s Candy Mansion is another good choice for those close to Massachusetts and specifically Shrewsbury. They have a make your own sundae bar that include more toppings than you can shake a stick at.

Then you have Friendly’s, Dairy Queen, Cold Stone and they have okay ice cream if you have no other options.

And finally, if you are traveling through Vermont Rhino Foods makes Chessters Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. These are frozen custard sandwiches sold at convenience stores throughout Vermont. You can find them where you would find other ice cream treats in the freezer where else. All I can tell you is that these are delicious. Give one a try and let me know what you think.

So there you have it, a few places to go to get you by until the spring.