Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Restaurant Review, MoeJoe's Family Restaurant, Manchester, New Hampshire, Good Breakfast

Hey Moe, hey Joe, where are Larry and Curly? Although the name of MoeJoe's Family Restaurant may remind you of the three stooges the food is no laughing matter. This Portuguese and American restaurant off the traffic circle near Route 101 has a lot to offer and although we haven't tried lunch or dinner our recent visit at breakfast was very good.

The atmosphere includes a large dining room on the left, a function space on the right and a small bar in the middle. They were busy and thankfully we did not need to wait at all due to the large number of tables and booths. The dining rooms have green rugs but not much else. It is my understanding that this is about to change for the better as they are doing some major cosmetic renovations.

We looked over a large menu and you will find your basic American breakfast favorites such as pancakes, bacon and eggs etc...They also have some Portuguese specialties and one that we liked a lot was the Portuguese English Muffin, unlike Thomas's, these do not have nooks and crannies and are much larger and have a slight sweet flavor.

I had two eggs over medium with the Portuguese English Muffin along with potatoes and onions. My wife had an omelet with hash and cheese inside and the same latter two items. All were cooked to perfection and delicious. The portions are large so you won’t walk away hungry.

The service was spectacular; our waitress was friendly and efficient.

And so there you have it, I recommend MoeJoe's Family Restaurant for their good breakfast.
I look forward to hearing your feedback. Remember that you can post comments anonymously, but if possible please let us know who you are. Has anyone been for breakfast, lunch or dinner? What did you think?