Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Restaurant Review, Lilac Blossom, Nashua, New Hampshire, A pleasant surprise

If you find yourself in the Nashua area and are in the mood for Chinese food, you should make a special point to check out the Lilac Blossom. My wife's family lives in the area and we've had take-out on a number of occasions but recently we had the opportunity to eat lunch at the restaurant and it was a nice experience.

As you enter the space, you notice a large area with a bar as well as a few decent sized dining rooms. The tables are covered in white tablecloths and the waitstaff dressed in professional white and black dress. All in all I was impressed.

Our waiter stopped by and we ordered some drinks and looked over the menu. They have all the traditional Chinese favorites and after much discussion we all agreed to each try a different lunch special - chicken and broccoli, beef with broccoli and sweet and sour chicken.

The lunch specials included your choice of soup and it was unanimous, everyone decided on the wanton soup. A little later the soup arrived and although I'm not a huge fan of wanton soup, this was excellent. I was impressed that it was in a china soup bowl with a cute wanton spoon, much improved over the usual metal spoon at most restaurants. It was hot with tasty wantons and just the right amount of broth and cabbage.

We waited a little while and chatted and it was not too long before the food arrived. I ordered the beef and broccoli and I am usually afraid to try beef because it normally isn't the best cut of meat but this was different. I was served thin tender strips of beef, broccoli and a nice teryaki sauce. Although I did not sample the other items all agreed that they were fabulous.

Our waiter provided excellent service. I am always impressed when it is like the waiter is reading my mind, I needed more soda, he brought it out without even having to ask.

So there you have it, I have not found many Chinese restaurants that I really like but this was a pleasant surprise. There are two locations - one at Sky Meadow and the other is in the Greystone Plaza on Amherst Street also in Nashua. If you like Chinese food you should give it a try.
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