Thursday, May 17, 2012

Updated: Best Places for Cupcakes in New England and New Hampshire

I harken back to many years ago when my wife was on a Cupcake Frenzy after all of this excitement started over cupcakes. It seems like a cupcake shop was opening at every corner and I thought, hmmm...this isn't going to last, it's just a fad etc...

It all came back to me earlier this year around the time of the New Hampshire Primary when the politicians and news people made the granite state their home for a couple of days. You see, Diane Sawyer was in town and decided to visit Queen City Cupcakes and then I knew that this cupcake thing was not just a fad but was here to stay.

And bakers seem to think that they can put anything on a cupcake and it will still taste good. Like the guys from New York who decided to add a chicken wing during super bowl time. Who am I to say that they are wrong and from what I heard tasted pretty good.

Then at Valentines Day time a place in Philadelphia was charging $55,000 for a cupcake. What, is it made out of gold? It is my understanding that it had a diamond ring inside, okay, I guess this is nice way to pop the question.

Remember when everyone would go to the city for a pub crawl, not anymore, now, cupcake crawls are all the rage.

And finally, I was watching Good Morning America and they had a story about a cupcake vending machine in California. I wonder how long before these reach the east coast.

So I say if you can't beat um, join um and have jumped on the cupcake bandwagon. Here are some of my favorite places in New England and New Hampshire for Cupcakes, enjoy.

  1. Georgetown Cupcakes, Boston, Massachusetts. We sampled them in DC and recently had the opportunity to taste their cupcakes on Newbury Street in Boston. I enjoyed the vanilla squared that had a light vanilla cake combined with vanilla cream cheese frosting, amazing!
  2. Fredericks Pastries, Bedford and Amherst, New Hampshire. North Andover. Massachusetts. White pound cake, butter cream frosting and almost $5.00 bucks each and they are worth it.
  3. Cakes By Erin. Haverhill, Massachusetts. Not only does Erin know cakes but she knows cupcakes.
  4. Li's Bake Ship, Mystic, Connecticut.  We tried the pistachio and coconut cupcakes and they were  outstanding. 
  5. Cupcake Charlie's, Newport, Rhode Island, Mashpee and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Try their cupcakes at any location, you won't be disappointed.
  6. Queen City Cupcakes, Manchester, New Hampshire. You can't argue with success but it would be nice for their customers if they were open longer.
  7. Swans, Merrimack, New Hampshire. I love this place, staff always friendly and courteous. Cute second floor seating and munching area.
  8. Eat Cake, Newburyport, Massachusetts.  Out of this world cupcakes.  
  9. Sweet, Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are smaller than some I've had but they pack a punch. Moist on the inside and nice sweet frosting on top.
  10. Lulu's Bake Shop, North End, Boston Massachusetts. The best cupcakes in the North End.
  11. Bettie's Cupcakes, Saratoga Springs, New York. Okay, I know they are not in New England but definitely worth a trip. Just over the border from Vermont.
  12. Random Acts of Sweetness, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It looks like those who live on the seacoast finally have a place to go for really good cupcakes. 
  13. Party Favors, Brookline, Massachusetts. What else can I say but fabulous cupcake.
  14. Rockin Cupcakes, Rockport, Massachusetts. They core out the middle and fill it with the frosting, delicious! 
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