Tuesday, March 19, 2013

High Five for the High Street Farmhouse in Goffstown

My wife recently heard that the former Patrick's restaurant location in Goffstown had been gutted and a new restaurant, High Street Farmhouse Restaurant, had opened in its place. Always looking for something new we headed out to try dinner for ourselves.

Taking the back road from Concord through Dunbarton we drove to Goffstown and found the new Farmhouse Restaurant at the bottom of the high street hill on the right. If the packed parking lot was any indication to the popularity they are off to a good start. We had to drive around a bit and finally found a tight spot. Understanding that the snow banks cut off some of the parking, it could be a challenge if they continue to be busy.

The restaurant seems to be on the right track with some good word of mouth and buzz in the foodie community. The bar was packed and the dining room busy enough for a Friday night. The hostess brought us to one of the quiet rooms in the back to a round table. She was extremely nice and a pleasant first impression for the restaurant.

The decor is rustic with comfy hominess. Think of dinner at grandma's house and you will know what I mean. Light red colors on the walls, pictures of roosters and a couple of small snow men on one of the shelves. Almost all of their seating is tables, they have a smaller more cozy room where we were, a larger room to the left and the large bar area as you walk into the restaurant.

Our waiter stopped by and we ordered some drinks. I was pleasantly surprised that the owner chose to have the Pigs Ear from the Woodstock Inn Brewery on tap and my wife a martini. We both enjoyed our selection.

Next, the waiter brought over their bread basket. They went in a different direction on this with their delicious cranberry breads and what I think were cheese sticks along with some infused oils for dipping.

Looking over the menu it is small but there is enough on there to keep most of you happy. It is filled with comfort foods like mac & cheese, steak tips and chicken pot pie. For the appetizer, we chose two different ones: I ordered the seafood chowder:

This surprised me because it was so good with a strong butter flavor. Filled with a ton of seafood including shrimp and lobster. You should get this if you are a chowder fan.

My wife decided on their crab cake sliders:

Served with a lobster tartar sauce, she loved these.

Looking at the pot roast for dinner and thinking about my mother’s (which was fabulous) I decided to give that a try:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as my childhood memory but not bad either. This was served with red potatoes and baby carrots along with gravy. The pot roast was nice and tender although it was very salty and luke warm. There needs to be improved communication between the front and the back of the house to make sure that entrees are served piping hot.

My wife chose their maple bourbon steak tips with mashed and and creamed corn:

The tips were cooked just right and so was the mashed. She had never had creamed corn before and decided to give it a try. Not one of her favorites but I also sampled some and it hit the spot.

Our waiter did an excellent job. Explaining the specials from memory and an all around nice person to help us enjoy our meal.

Kudos to the owners on the desserts. They are all homemade. We tried the Boston Chocolate Mousse Pie and it was fantastic.

So there you have it, we give the High Street Farm House a high five for their new restaurant that you should visit in Goffstown. Although there are some areas for improvement we think there are enough positives for you to stop by when you have a chance.