Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Gibbet Hill Grill: Groton, Massachusetts

Sometimes I wonder how on earth my wife finds restaurants that I have never heard of ever. Her investigative skills are uncanny. I was skeptical a few years ago when we headed into the dark of night on unfamiliar roads when she took me to the Gibbet Hill Grill to celebrate my birthday. How did you find out about this place? I asked. Needless to say she didn’t reveal her sources but we enjoyed our experience. Recently for my father-in-law’s birthday we decided to revisit and needless to say you will appreciate my wife finding out about the Gibbet Hill Grill. It's a short 25 minute drive from the Nashua, New Hampshire area for anyone that wants to see for yourself.

The Gibbet Hill Grill is run by the Webber Family that has its roots in farming. When no one could figure out what to do with an old barn it was decided to turn it into a restaurant. So the renovations began and the dining establishment built. With the farm much of what is served is locally grown along with their Black Angus Beef that is raised here as well.

We arrived on a Saturday evening and to give you an idea of how popular the Gibbet Hill Grill is we couldn't get a time after 5:30 in the evening although my wife called 3 and a 1/2 weeks ahead of time. We were seated at a table (the wait for a booth was too long) shortly after our arrival.

The atmosphere is exactly what you would expect. A large renovated barn including two large dining rooms with one of those on the second floor.  There are low yellow lights to add to the ambiance and a couple of fire places. We also found a packed bar as soon as we entered through the front doors.

Our waitress came by with their menu that changes seasonally. We put our thinking caps on trying to decide what to get. Soup is a popular choice in our family and was the beginning for all: My choice was their clam chowder:

You would enjoy this, plenty of clams and potatoes.

Potato Cheese Soup was the selection for the other diners:

There were no complaints, delicious.

Next their bread basket:

Wonderful with white and corn breads.

For dinner a six ounce filet with brussel sprouts and garlic mashed potatoes.

All cooked to perfection, they are known for their beef and you will see why as I did.

My wife got the same filet with their brocollini and mac & cheese.

Two out of three isn't bad, she loved the filet covered with blue cheese butter and the mac & cheese. The brocollini was tough not tender and barely warm.

Another diner went with their Meatloaf:

She enjoyed her selection along with the onion ring stolen from her husbands plate.

And the final choice was steak tips:

Cooked well done the way he likes them with onion rings and the garlic mashed.

Our waitress did a great job and made sure that my water glass was filled, this is always appreciated.

For dessert, there were two different selections. The birthday boy chose their mascarpone cheesecake:

Bravissimo! He loved this. 

We chose their chocolate pot de creme:

Extraordinary, kind of like a chocolate pudding with flavored cherries on top and whipped cream.

And on the way out I couldn't help but snap a picture of their function area on the other side:

So there you have it, next time you are looking for nice place for dinner check out the Gibbet Hill Grill.

By the way, the Webber Restaurant Group has several other function facilities and restaurants including the Labelle Winery in Amherst, New Hampshire.

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