Thursday, June 13, 2013

Remy's not the best food option near Fenway Park

Nothing says summer quite like watching the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. As a life-long fan, I try to get to as many home (weekend) games as possible. This season is no exception much to my wife’s chagrin. Before you feel sorry for her, know that she really enjoys the pregame festivities and cheering for her “boyfriend” Jacoby Ellsbury.

Our first outing of the 2013 season was this past Saturday. Having arrived in Boston in the early afternoon, we parked and headed in search for some food and beverages. If you’ve been to Fenway, you’ll know that this area isn’t exactly a foodies dream but since we wanted to be close to the park, we ended up going to Jerry Remy’s on Boylston. We generally try to avoid chains at all cost but this location cannot be beat.

This is a large space with a long bar area as well with many more tables throughout the rest of the restaurant. Additionally, they have a patio as well as a roof deck. We decided to sit at the bar and we ordered some drinks – a beer for me and a mixed drink for my wife. The drink was ok but the $10.00 price tag was a bit too high for such a small glass. We then decided to order a chicken quesadilla to munch on. While it was good, there was no sour cream to be found on the plate. How is that even possible?! It seems like it should be a standard condiment with Mexican food.

Before we headed over to Fenway we decided to order a couple of burgers. Once they arrived, I was skeptical. Both rolls were stale and it completely ruined the sandwich. My wife “upgraded” her fries to garlic parmesan for an additional $1.99. What came out was some fries with a tiny sprinkle of garlic and a few pieces of shaved parmesan cheese. It was very disappointing.

So, if you are looking to have a few beers before the game or just want to watch it on one of their many TV’s, Remy’s is a good choice. However, if you want some tasty food, wait until you get to the game to grab a Fenway frank or a sausage bomb.

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