Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dessert before dinner at Morano Gelato in Hanover

To say that we love desserts is an understatement. Whether it is ice cream, cupcakes or a great bakery we have tried it all and think we know a thing or two about sweet treats. If a restaurant doesn't make their own desserts, we don’t bother to order anything to end the meal. One dessert that we don’t have too much experience with is the Italian ice cream known as gelato. We’ve been hearing so much about a small shop in Hanover, NH that we knew it was a destination for our latest road trip.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to eat dessert before dinner? Well, that is exactly what we did when we arrived in Hanover. When my wife first suggested that we mix up the order for dinner, I thought she had lost her mind. However, know that she has an even bigger sweet tooth than me, she has definitely opened my eyes to a habit which I could easily participate. In all honesty we’ve heard that the shop tends to sell out quickly so she wanted to make sure that we weren’t disappointed if we waited too long for dessert.

Looking over the flavors I knew this was going to be a tough decision. Since I love pistachio flavored anything that was my choice and my wife selected the espresso and the German chocolate cake. It’s interesting to note that you can select up to three or four flavors per cup.

There is no doubt about how great the gelato is here. Because it is all made in small batches from scratch, it has a delicious fresh taste and a creamy texture. With a strong pistachio flavor and just the right amount of nuts my dish was fabulous. My wife commented on the strong coffee flavor of hers and how it went so well with the chocolate coconut flavors. We’d only wished we ordered a larger serving!

If you ever find yourself anywhere near Hanover and you are craving something sweet, Morano Gelato is the answer. Interestingly the original owner of the shop studied the fine art of gelato making from the experts in Italy and brought back her talent to the Upper Valley. While you won’t need your passport to enjoy this treat, it’s so authentic you’ll feel as if you should!
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