Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Events: Pumpkin People 2013 with Slideshow in Jackson

As some of you know once a year we take a trip up north to see the beautiful fall foliage in the Conway,  New Hampshire area.  Food is always on the agenda and so is visiting Jackson to see the Pumpkin People. A number of local businesses compete for the best Pumpkin Person. This started 26 years ago and has become a yearly tradition for my wife and I. You can see them from October 1st  through the 20th.

If you have never visited Jackson you really should as this is one of the prettiest towns in New England. It is all there, the foliage, beautiful rivers, covered bridges and picturesque views.

So as not to spoil a trip for you we put together a slideshow from last year to give you a taste of the Pumpkin People. Be prepared to be amazed at the creativity.