Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Hour at Pizzico Martini Bar in Nashua

The days of getting together with friends or coworkers in the afternoon for a few adult beverages is back. You need to look no further than the popularity of taverns/pubs that cater to this such as the River Road Tavern in Bedford and the British Beer Company in Manchester. And don't forget the Happy Hour that makes it easier for more restaurants and bars to join in on the fun. It is interesting to note that in Maine and New Hampshire the word Happy Hour can be used and in other states like Massachusetts it is afternoon food specials. Either way, we enjoy visiting these establishments that provide a relaxing way to chill. And let's face it, this helps the restaurant because it brings in customers during a slower part of their day.

Which brings us to the Happy Hour at the Pizzico Martini Bar in Nashua from three to six 7 days a week they serve up drink and food specials.

They are off the DW Highway in Nashua. If you know where Bernie and Phyl's Furniture is take a sharp right after and drive up a small hill. The Martini Bar is on the left. Filled with hanging red lamps, brown tables along with a small bar this makes for a comfortable environment.

They offer many of their appetizers for only $4.99, draft beer at $2.99 along with Martini's, Margarita's and wine by the glass at $4.99.

My wife started out with a Martini.

My choice a frosty beer.

And some of their bread.

We sampled the Mediterranean skewers for our appetizer.

Two wonderful grilled chicken breasts covered with a vinaigrette served with two slices of bruschetta.

We suggest that you plan on a light dinner later because you won't need much more after Happy Hour and a few appetizers a Pizzico Martini Bar. We look forward to seeing you there.