Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our favorite food and restaurant blogs and websites in New England and the United States

Since I started writing about restaurants a few years ago I have found a number of websites and blogs to follow on a regular basis. Most of these will not be household names for you but I have found that they are all worth checking out whether they are funny, provide useful information or reviews. In terms of bloggers, I prefer the smaller ones instead of those that are part of a national organization. Some are focused on the New England states because that's where I live while others are scattered throughout the United States.

  1. From Away. One of the first that I started to follow, this husband and wife team moved from New York to the small town of Rockland, Maine and started this blog that focuses on recipes and restaurants in Maine. Don't get me wrong, you don't need to be from Maine to enjoy reading their posts.
  2. Offbeat Eats. This blogger from the upper valley of New Hampshire travels a lot and finds unique and off the beaten path restaurants. Whether you are traveling in the Granite State, New England or the World check him out before you leave. Taking a trip to Iceland, believe it or not he has some offbeat suggestions for you.
  3. MC Slim JB. My wife told me about MC Slim JB and after following him on twitter for a year he always brings a fresh perspective. I'm not sure if he will like this comparison but his writing reminds me a lot of Dan Shaughnessy, the popular sports writer for the Boston Globe. Not so much worrying about what people think and many times taking the opposing or difficult view.
  4. Shermans Food Adventures. This writer from Vancouver, Canada certainly doesn't need any help from yours truly. I was impressed by the sheer number of updates, amazingly at least one fresh post every day.
  5. Larry Olmstead, The Great Life-Forbes. One of the few national blogs that I follow and although he talks about other things besides restaurants I always enjoy reading his take on food trends.
  6. Consuming LA. You guessed it, Howard Meyers writes about the best restaurants that Los Angeles has to offer.
  7. Bite Club. Writers Alice Levitt and Corin Hirsch serve up everything related to food in Vermont.
  8. Adams Hospitality & Tourism Industry Blog. Adam Castiglioni does exactly what his blog titles states, a news site for all that is the hospitality and tourism industry in the greater Boston area.
  9. Dress Code Finder. This is a website for anyone who visits restaurants frequently. When I tell my wife about a restaurant we should visit the first word out of her mouth is: What is the dress code? dah! I don't know. Visit this website and they will tell you exactly what to wear.
  10. Emilybites. This blog focuses on healthy recipes. Given my New Years resolution to lose weight me thinks Emilybites will be visited a lot more in 2014. How does chicken parm casserole sound? We tried it and it was fantastic!
Happy reading and eating everyone!