Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No shortage of pleasant surprises at Red Blazer in Concord

Shortly after my wife and I started dating we were going out for dinner often and we tried just about every restaurant in Concord 10 times over. One of our favorite local restaurants became the Red Blazer in Concord. Located just off I 93 at exit 13 it is an ideal spot to stop on your way through New Hampshire or if you are visiting the capital region. Either way we think you will find that there is a lot to like.

When you arrive you will have to decide if you want to eat in the main dining room or in the Peanut Pub. We usually go to the pub to watch a sporting event but on this night we decided on the former.

The hostess seated us in the back at one of the small tables. Since we know the menu very well it did not take us long to make decisions. They have just about everything you could wish for including baked and broiled seafood, pastas, steaks, and chicken dishes. The entrees all come with your choice of soup or salad and rolls. A large or small portion size are also available on some items depending on how hungry you are.

My selection was the small portion Chicken Marsala.

This recommended dish was served with a light sauce and rice along with butternut squash which I changed to broccoli. One suggestion is that they may want to change the vegetable to something lighter especially with Summer on the horizon.

My wife chose the small portion pastry baked chicken which included a salad and for a small up charge she opted for a small spinach salad.

The vegetables were very fresh and who can resist a little bacon!

The pastry baked chicken is stuffed with a bread stuffing inside a puffed pastry. A cranberry glaze is usually served on it but my wife likes to get this on the side.

What makes the Red Blazer special are the pleasant food surprises that you will find at every turn. Although you might not know it they have a first class bakery on premise with home made desserts galore. If you need a pie or cake for a special occasion, you can get it from their bakery.

They also have one of the best pubs (Peanut Pub) in the capital region with a large selection of beer on tap. Want a snack while you watch the game? Not to worry. In addition to self serve peanuts and popcorn they have some delicious sandwiches including the chicken or steak bombs, chicken parm and burgers. And if that isn't enough there is pizza that is as good as any local pizza shop. My top choice is the Red Fox with mushrooms, hamburger, bacon, mozzarella cheese and sauce.

Our waiter on this night as per usual for the staff here was outstanding. I am especially impressed when a waiter fills your drinks without having to ask. It may not seem like a big deal but it happens so infrequently at other restaurants that it is appreciated.

So there you have it, The Red Blazer is one of our favorite area restaurants that we think will be one of yours as well. Owner Sarandis Karathanasis has created an enjoyable dining experience that you should discover for yourself. Red Blazer on Urbanspoon