Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Add some spice to your life at B's Tacos Truck in Londonderry

Food trucks have been around for a long time and the trend is finally reaching the Granite State. It used to be that you would only find them occasionally but now all that has changed. In cities like Austin, Texas, they have food truck parks with just about everything offered. New England has also jumped on the bandwagon and if you visit Boston it seems that they are selling food on every corner. New Hampshire hasn't been a hot bed for this but we are starting to see some traction.

Driving on Route 102 in Londonderry, my wife spied a new food truck, B's Tacos at the BP Gas Station and immediately exclaimed that we should pay them a visit. Knowing that it’s best not to argue with my wife we decided to find out if they would be worth your time to visit.
Arriving on a recent Saturday we changed our weekend schedule and skipped breakfast (oh the horror) so we would be plenty hungry. The gas station was mobbed with a car wash going on the other side so we parked behind the station in a larger lot. Upon talking with the owner while waiting for our food, we found out that B's had been at the traffic circle in Derry and later at the Londonderry Flea Market. They decided to move to this new spot for more traffic and family friendly environment. Thankfully there were a couple of picnic tables on the side and my wife grabbed one so we could sit down and relax.

The owners decided to go with fresh and natural Mexican food so don't expect your visit to be quick. This isn’t Taco Bell on wheels. To give you an idea of what they have done to make sure the food is delicious they grow some of their own vegetables and fry each corn tortilla individually. Their menu was originally focused on tacos and then they decided to branch out and add buritos. On this particular day the owner said he had customers waiting for him to open at 11 and it had been non-stop since.

I stood in line listening to others nearby to help me decide what to order. I chatted with a couple who had heard through the rumor mill that B's had awesome Mexican food and visited the previous day and sampled the special, a grilled skirt steak burrito. They enjoyed it so much they came back the very next day to try the tacos and proclaimed them to be excellent. It sounds like they along with many others are going to be weekly visitors to B's.

The fried tacos were my choice:
This was filled with spicy hamburger, cheese, Mexican sour cream, onions and fresh pico de gallo. The fried corn tortillas really made the difference for me. The store bought kind taste like card board but these had a slight crunch and were still slightly warm.
My wife selected a special that day, the chicken BLT burrito. She enjoyed the flavor but was disappointed when she noticed slices of avocado which she despises. It was an easy enough fix to pick them out.

So we recommend a visit to B's Tacos. The fresh approach to Mexican food is a concept you don’t expect to find on a food truck. Remember to be patient and bring cash as they don't take credit cards. We expect the lines to only get longer once more people find out about this gas station parking lot gem!