Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Atlantic Grill a good choice for late night eats

We have had our fair share of disasters looking for a decent meal later in the evening. Is it just me or does it seem like the food isn't as good and the service drops off significantly after 8 pm? It can be difficult for restaurants to stay focused during this time but every guest no matter when they arrive deserves the same exceptional service and food. So when we were nearing Hampton recently late in the day our choice was a new restaurant, Atlantic Grill in Rye. Let's find out how they did.

The sea is the name of the game here with light colors and pictures of fish throughout. They also have a tank filled with jelly fish on the way in which we thought was pretty cool.

The large bar area is to the left and main dining to the right. Due to our later arrival the dining area was closed and we ended up sitting near the bar. Needless to say they were very busy.
Because it wasn’t our normal dinnertime, we decided that we were hungry but not enough to order big meals. Our waitress, who was in training, was pleasant and seemed to be a natural at her task. As we looked over the menu we decided to both order the seafood chowder.

To their credit this was filled with chunks of lobster and decent sized shrimp.  If you are a chowder fan this is an easy decision.

My choice for a lighter option was the salmon burger.

The patty was ground salmon and goat cheese and was covered with a lemon caper aoli. My preference is always beef in terms of a burger but for what I was looking for this was perfect.

My wife chose the small spinach salad with grilled shrimp.

The warm Sherry dressing combined with the smoked bacon was very good. The shrimp were decent sized but for $17.00 we both thought the price was pretty steep for such a small salad.

Our waitress in training did well and she had another team member following her around to ensure that nothing was missed. The Atlantic Grill should be commended for this and other restaurants should follow. I know it seems simple but staff needs to be trained properly before and during the learning process so a guests experience isn't affected negatively.

Normally, no dinner is complete before indulging in dessert. Unfortunately, on this night we were too tired and wanted to go home so we didn’t order dessert although there are several on the menu that sounded delicious.

We look forward to a return visit to the Atlantic Grill to try some of their entrees and desserts. Yes, their prices are a bit high but from what we saw the food and service are right on for late night eats.