Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lavinia's in Center Harbor

Since fall is well under way in New Hampshire, it was time for us to enjoy the foliage. As we headed to the North Conway/Jackson area in search of spectacular color, I couldn’t help but notice Lavinia’s as we drove through Center Harbor. It intrigued us so much that we decided to try it for dinner later that evening.

One of the first things you will notice as you approach the property are the scenic grounds in the front. My pictures do not do it justice. You will find a chestnut tree, Adirondack chairs and lush grass along with beautiful flowers throughout.

Our host, a young gentlemen, suggested we might enjoy a drink while relaxing in the study. This is a small room located next to the tavern area with a couch and a few comfy chairs in front of a roaring (electric) fireplace. With classic rock playing in the background this was ideal. So we sipped our beverages, myself on a Tuckerman's pale ale and my wife's usual a Pomegranate martini until it was time to go to our table.

Now, on to the dining room. Our seats were in the President Room at a table in the very front near a window providing a birds-eye view of the front grounds and Lake Winnepausauke across the street. There are also 2 other dining rooms in addition to the tavern and the study area.

We looked over their simple menu trying to figure out where to begin.

After much talking back and forth about our appetizer our choice was the flat bread of the day which was loaded with mashed potato, bacon, and a drizzle of sour cream.

We do love our carbs and this certainly had plenty. I wish there had been a little more flavor but in fairness my wife had them hold the scallions and this probably took away from the taste. Either way this is recommended especially for potato lovers.

My entree pick was their grilled swordfish.

Served with garlic mashed, green beans and roasted corn salsa this was a delicious cut of fish. For anyone who has never tried swordfish it has more oil and a heavier texture that is a nice change from the typical white fish such as haddock.

My wife chose the house pasta which was prepared with mushrooms, shot ribs, tomatoes, and broccoli with a light cream sauce.

The pasta was homemade and very good. The short ribs were tender and the flavors went very well together. While delicious this was extremely filling so she took her leftovers home.

Very seldom do we skip dessert and tonight was no different. We debated between the maple bread pudding and the dessert that we ending up ordering - the Funny Bone.

When presented at the table, we knew we made a good decision. A chocolate cupcake with peanut butter mousse covered in chocolate frosting and finished with coffee ice cream.

Our server was professional and attentive.

We enjoyed our visit to Lavinia's, from the food to the service and atmosphere. Whether you are driving back from lead peeping or just looking for a decent spot for dinner at the Lake they seem to have everything covered.