Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Richardson's Farm worth a trip to Boscawen

It saddens us every year when ice cream season begins to wind down as we watch all of our favorite stands closing. Because of the arrival of Fall, this will probably be the last post about ice cream for a little while - please no tears. As we wait through the dreary cold winter, I have found a new option that is open year round that you may want to check out. Don’t forget the list of places that are also open during the winter.

This time I brought my brother along to visit Richardson's Farm in Boscawen.

I would be surprised if many of you have heard of this one. However, to avoid any confusion, there is another much larger business with the same name in Middleton, Massachusetts. These are completely different stands and are not related. More importantly for all of us in the greater Concord area is that they serve homemade ice cream all year long with many scrumptious flavors.

My choice was the Grapenut:

Fresh, smooth and creamy, I would get this again.
My brother had the Pistachio and he enjoyed this as well. One thing I did notice was the very large pistachios that were plainly visible.
They also have pies, apple crisp and during the growing season vegetables, apples, peaches, mums and pumpkins. There are picnic tables out front and a small area inside where you will find all of the baked goodies and other items.

You may need to warm up your GPS to help you find Richardson's Farm but is a nice ride in the country. I had no idea where this was and thought I could do it without any help but finally surrendered to my iPhone which guided me to 170 Water Street in Boscawen. Strangely, when I got to what I thought was the correct address, I still had to drive another 1/4 mile to find it. They are open everyday of the week in April, 10-7, May 10-8, June, July and August from 10-9, September, 10-8, October, 10-7, November 10-6, December, January, February and March from 10-6 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just a note: they only accept cash so be sure to hit an ATM before you visit.