Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A taste of Italy at the Tuscan Market

Before the holidays crept upon us, we went to the Tuscan Kitchen to pick up a gift card for my in laws. In case you don’t remember, this is a place that I had reviewed back in 2014 and we loved the food. On our way out of the parking lot, we were passing by the Tuscan Market and my wife commented on how busy they were with so many cars. Usually this is a good sign and a signal to at least check a place out and we promised to visit the next time we were in Salem.

You are going to be surprised by everything that owner Joe Faro has put inside this wonderful place. Building on the success of the Tuscan Kitchen and his obsession with everything made from scratch mentality, which continues here. From their homemade breads, desserts and pastas they have seemingly everything available for take-out. Their cafe with table service is available if you prefer to dine on one of their Italian specialties for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We decided to try breakfast and we are glad we did. If you’re looking for the same old boring breakfast, don’t eat here.
My pick was the Umbria Biali or Italian Bagel.

This was made with eggs, prosciutto, house made mozzarella, roasted tomato on a grilled bagel. A wonderful fresh sandwich it is a combination of flavors that keeps getting better after each bite.
My wife chose their breakfast pizza

The standard way this is prepared is with the eggs over easy but since she has an aversion to runny eggs she opted to have them scrambled. The dish also had provolone cheese, spinach, country ham (which she had them hold), and hollandaise sauce. Beside the portion being very large, it was also delicious and a nice change to breakfast.

If their cafe wasn't enough you will have a difficult time leaving without something in hand to take home. My wife ordered a Tiramisu cake for Christmas Day. At $26, I was surprised at the low price and thought that they could charge more for this delicious dessert. There are plenty of other options in their dessert case for those of you with a sweet tooth.

They have a small army preparing all their wonderful foods in the back. How about some pasta?

or meat from the butchery?

or fresh bread from their bakery?

The Tuscan Market has everything a great Italian grocery should have and a whole lot more. Stop in at their restaurant for a delicious meal and then take some time to look around and be prepared to bring home a feast. They have a second location for both the restaurant and market in Burlington, Massachusetts.