Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Corner View lives on at Veano's ll

After the Cornerview restaurant in Concord closed recently, its customers including us wondered where they would now go for breakfast. There is good news for anyone who liked the restaurant as it lives on in a strange place.

I made this discovery after hearing that Veano's ll on Manchester Street was serving food as good as the old restaurant with the same name that existed on Loudon Road for years. So we visited shortly thereafter and had an enjoyable dinner. While speaking to our waitress that evening, she informed us that they also were serving breakfast. This was odd since the old Veano’s was only open for lunch and dinner but we liked the idea given that it would give us another breakfast option in the area. A few weeks later my wife and I headed over to sample their breakfast.
Looking over the menu it appeared to be very similar to Cornerview’s. At the same time I noticed a few of the nice waitresses who had previously worked at the Cornerview were now here. So my wife asked our server about this and she said it was the same breakfast menu with the addition of hash browns. You will find all of your old favorites including homemade biscuits and our pick, the bagel melt.

So if you are nostalgic and miss the old Cornerview go to Veanos ll for breakfast. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back to McKee Square.