Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Open kitchen key to success at 110 Grill

Something may seem very familiar when you walk into the 110 Grill in Nashua. There’s no mistaken that it looks and feels just like Burton's Grill and with good reason as they have an owner in common. The atmosphere and menu have the same general vibe but they both stand on their own.

One of the major differences is an open kitchen concept at 110 Grill where we could see the dishes being checked before they were sent out to customers. This is something that all restaurants should do to avoid mistakes and keep quality at a high level. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't get to view the inner workings of the kitchen that often but we are certainly fans and would like to see more of this in the future.

Our dining experience began with a dish that gives many restaurants trouble, calamari. When cooked improperly, it can have a tough or chewy consistency. Their fried Asian option includes tentacles, cherry peppers and is served with a sweet chili dip.

Lightly breaded these were easy to bite through. Not usually one of my favorite appetizers because few get it right but they were on target here.

Stroganoff may not be a choice for the summer but if prepared correctly should be eaten anytime of year. They use crispy Spätzle in their version that is a nice change instead of longer egg noodles that are typical. Beef is mixed with a mushroom blend and caramelized onions in a light sauce.

Everything complemented each other and I enjoyed the softer and crunchier textures throughout followed by the slightest hint of sweetness from the gravy. Needless to say this selection is a recommended entree.

My wife chose the chilled shrimp noodle salad because it was a very hot day and she wanted something on the lighter side. The dish contained shrimp tossed with sesame ginger rice noodles, snap peas, carrots, cucumbers and red peppers.

The flavors all worked well together but she couldn’t help to notice that the shrimp were sliced in half so each shrimp was very thin. She would have preferred a heartier bite to them.
As we were waiting for our meals to arrive, a nearby table ordered a dessert that looked incredible so I knew that we would also be trying one. It was the peanut butter cascade and it was delicious. Served in a glass dish was a brownie topped with peanut butter ice cream, hot fudge and pieces of peanut butter cups.

The owners appear to have found a concept that is working for them and their customers. The 110 Grill is quickly becoming a very successful growing chain. In addition to Nashua, they have locations in Berlin, Chelmsford, Hopkinton and Wayland, Massachusetts with two more on the way in Leominster, MA and Rochester, NH.


27 Trafalgar Square
Nashua, NH 03063

Phone: 603-943-7443

Please visit their website for detailed information on all of their locations: