Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Artistry on the Green our best restaurant of the year

When my wife was searching for a nice restaurant to take her parents for their anniversary, she came upon Artistry on the Green. Located inside the Inn at Hastings Park this jewel is a venue that many of you are probably unfamiliar with in Lexington, Massachusetts. Only a half hour from the New Hampshire border this one is definitely worth a short drive.

You will be surprised as we were by the beautiful surroundings, lush green grasses abound with delicate touches like the old bicycle that sits out front. Once inside, there is an upscale but not limiting environment designed creatively to reduce noise from low ceilings. The evening we went there were families with children along with younger couples and even a solo diner and all are made to feel welcome.

Chef Lucas Sousa has put together a narrow albeit satisfying menu. Smartly bringing his guests simple foods with flashes of brilliance. Take the chicken breast where he has picked the freshest for the plumpness and juiciest taste that we all desire.

Sea scallops look picturesque and leave you wondering how much time to create something that reminds us of a painting. Six large scallops adorned the plate along with crisscrossed baby carrots giving the slightest hint of fall.

For dessert, the amazing butterscotch pot de crème with coconut crumble and crème fraiche. While dense it had such a delicious flavor you actually wished it was three times the size. This is a must order for all.

One of the most important success factors was the owner. When my wife called to make the reservation, she took time to learn about the occasion and made sure that their night was special. Even stopping by the table to wish them a happy anniversary. Later, a card arrived signed by the staff, champagne, and a cheese platter all made for a perfect and memorable evening.

Artistry on the Green, the best restaurant we have visited so far this year.


2027 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421

Phone: 781-301-6655