Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Friday night fish fry at The Bagg Lunch

There is nothing better than finding a local restaurant where simple but home cooked foods wait. And so it is with the The Bagg Lunch, a small business located in on Mast Road in Goffstown. Here you will instantly know that this is a family affair. With recipes used from years ago, our waitress (whom I believe is the owner) explains that it’s food that her late father used to enjoy. Her niece is the pastry chef. Having heard on a prior breakfast visit about their Friday night fish special this was our time to check it out.

Before the main course, we began with a cup of their haddock chowder:

This was thick, rich and delicious.

On Friday night only they stay open late until seven for some of the best fried seafood specials around.

My pick was the haddock.

A large portion served with fries or you can get onion rings along with cole slaw. This was lightly battered with a delicate tender fish inside. At $11.95 you will have a difficult time finding anything comparable at this price.

The fried shrimp plate was my wife's choice for the evening.

She couldn’t believe the size of the shrimp – they were colossal and had a light coating instead of a beer batter that is her preference. 

And finally no meal is complete without dessert and a small apple pie was our selection.

The simplicity of this pie was the reason it was so good. The crust was light and it was filled with just apples and no added flavors.

If you are looking for a new restaurant with simple homemade foods at a reasonable price then stop in at The Bagg Lunch. Open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch with later hours on Friday for fried fish.


679 Mast Road
Goffstown, NH. 03102

Phone: 603-935-7053