Tuesday, December 6, 2016

At Gale Motor Company Eatery food not cars are the special of the day

Over the years, there have been a number of very good restaurants located at 36 Lowell Street in Manchester. You may remember Richard's Bistro and after that 11 Eleven Bistro that we wrote about in 2013.  Now, sits the Gale Motor Company with a slightly misleading name where food not cars are the special of the day. Given that we’ve enjoyed the previous establishments we hoped this would continue at the newest restaurant.

With a centerpiece bar surrounded by tables they have attempted to create an intimate yet fun setting for their patrons. Looking up toward the ceiling you see colored globes everywhere reminding one of little balloons hanging in the air. Windows surround you inside giving an open feeling that is needed in what is a small space.

The menu focuses on tapas with a narrow selection of options. Our waiter suggested 5 or 6 small plates would be enough for the two of us.

We started with the mini wedge salad that was a disappointment because the ranch dressing had no flavor. They may want to rethink this one.

Next up a southern pick with the shrimp and grits.

This had two grilled shrimp on top of light and fluffy parmesan flavored grits. Above my expectations in terms of taste and only wish the portion and been slightly larger.

Third were the steak tacos.

Packed with a combination of wonderful textures and flavors including tender marinated beef, super slaw, kimchi aioli and chipotle cilantro.

And more beef with one of our favorite choices at any restaurant, steak & cheese egg roll.

Simply made and delicious with a nice crunchy outer layer made even better with a chipotle dipping sauce.

And last but certainly not least were the beef sliders.

You should definitely add this one to your list of plates to try. Spicy tomato relish, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and smoked bacon make this much more than a standard burger.

With our sweet tooth not totally in check we had the chocolate mousse for dessert.

While the flavor was delicious, it was difficult to justify the $8 price tag.

The Gale Motor Company Eatery has continued the tradition of successful restaurants at this location. Their food is definitely worth your time for a visit.


36 Lowell Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Phone: 603-232-7059