Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bavaria German Restaurant Hidden Gem

My experience with German culture has been limited over the years other than learning a little of the language and partaking in sampling delicious pastries made by the mother of a high school friend. Fast forward to present day and we decided to try the Bavaria German Restaurant in Hooksett where I hoped to revisit my youth.

The restaurant is small and you should definitely call and make a reservation. They explain that if you show up 15 minutes after your scheduled time your table will be given away. I think this is fair and probably something more restaurants should do to avoid waiting too long for no shows by setting the expectation in advance.

Located on Hooksett Road (Route 3) between Concord and Manchester you may have to fire up the GPS to find this one especially if unfamiliar with the area. Look for a smattering of white buildings and drive all the way around to the back where the front entrance is located.

We were greeted pleasantly by the owner dressed in a traditional dirndl dress.  The Chef also popped out of the kitchen to say hello. Once seated, there is no doubt about the environment with beer steins and pictures signifying the feeling of being transported in time to a different country.

Keep in mind that this is authentic German food and don't be afraid to try something different. Our waitress did well steering us around the menu to some of their customers and her favorites. A popular choice is the potato soup.

My expectation was that this would be a very thick soup and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not. A light broth swimming with tiny vegetables and chunks of bacon.

The menu has a plethora of pork, veal and beef options and strangely no chicken dishes. My pick was the Rinderroulade.

This is rolled tender beef stuffed with pickles, mustard, onions and bacon in a brown sauce. Having never had anything like this before I was on point finding that each bite was better than the first. Mashed potatoes and red cabbage are included with this entree.

Next the Münchner Sauerbraten.

The meat was cooked in a wine sauce and served with gravy as well as a bread dumpling and the hot red cabbage. My wife said that the meat reminded her of pot roast and it was good. She loved the cabbage and wished that the dumpling was served with a sauce since it was a bit dry without one.

And if that wasn't enough we ordered a side of Spätzle to go along with our meal.

Their desserts are homemade and we went with the Apfelstrudel (apple strudel).

Tons of large raisins, apples and a healthy dose of cinnamon inside a light pastry. Served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, we would definitely try this again.

The restaurant has a beer and wine liquor license that is focused on -no surprise- German options. They try to give you the complete experience serving the beer in a stein glass.

The bill can sneak up on you and came to around $109 before tip. Keep in mind that we had some drinks so it did not seem out of line to us.

This is an easy one to recommend whether you are seeking authentic German food or just a nice place for dinner. The Bavaria German Restaurant is a hidden gem that you should take the time to find.


1461 Hooksett Rd C7
Hooksett, NH 03106
Phone: 603-836-5280