Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Small plates won't leave you blue at Stella Blu

Upon walking into Stella Blu something hits you that is unique in terms of a restaurant experience. Looking around you see guests chatting away with each other, smiles everywhere whether from our own waitress or at their large focal point bar where the bartenders greet customers like they are happy to have them in for a visit. This feeling of being made to feel welcome is difficult to find but when you are there in the moment there is nothing more valuable with all the doom and gloom that sometimes surrounds us.

And the food only makes your visit better with a menu that has a plethora of small plates to tempt any palate. You might think the beet salad would be plain and ordinary but such is not the case, a slightly sweet raspberry vinaigrette goes beyond simple and then there is the crunchy contrast of candied pecans along with fried goat cheese to top it off.

Shrimp would be next with enough garlic to give your taste buds the strongest of flavors. Toasted breads surround and dunking them in the rich beautiful broth is encouraged.

Not to be outdone we chose correctly with the Mediterranean plate, pita bread served with an olive tapenade, humus, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, and tabouli.

Rowdy's Chicken Sliders are famous for a reason, try a fried chicken filet with cheese, lettuce and tomato along with chipotle aioli. This may make you forget about a plate that is almost always made with beef.

The chicken lemongrass dumplings dipped in Thai chili sauce rounded out the tapas sampling. While good these were our least favorite of the bunch. I guess grass anything would not be our first choice on a flavor.

Dessert was their salted caramel fried donuts:

They could have loaded in the caramel but these were lightly coated and a smart move for the most pleasant of ways to finish a meal.

For those of you who enjoy an adult beverage don't forget about their martini bar where based on our samples the bartenders know how to prepare top notch drinks.

Stella Blu has wrapped a fun happy environment around delicious food to give their customers a wonderful dining experience. We hope you have the same pleasant visit.


70 East Pearl Street
Nashua, NH 03060

Phone: 603-578-5557