Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Time To Give The Martini The Respect It Deserves

My uncle was one to taste an occasional martini and as a salute to him I have developed an appreciation for these adult beverages. Finding that most bars have no clue when it comes to making a good one something needs to be said.

The martini deserves to be treated better. Many times we have gone out and wondered after another subpar experience why there is no pride taken to ensure that every drink is exceptional. My wife is particularly adapt at knowing when something is wrong, whether a missing ingredient or just mixed poorly which often results in tasting like battery acid that she has to try and choke down.

The bars in New Hampshire that we could say make a fantastic martini are few and far between. Given that these libations are expensive usually going for more than $10 each means that your time is well spent finding a professional staff that can do your drink right. Chophouse and Cotton in Manchester are two that come to mind.

Eastern Standard is our go to when traveling into Boston. Drinks are created with impeccable precision. This is something every bartender should do or risk losing an unhappy customer. They probably won't say anything but will never come back.

Surprisingly to many, the dirty martini here is stirred not shaken. According to our bartender, this is to keep air bubbles from ruining the libation. In fact, he said that if you are at an establishment and they shake your dirty martini, run! Sorry James Bond fans but he was wrong when he ordered his martini "shaken, not stirred”.

My uncle’s favorite drink was the dirty martini and trying to follow in his tradition, I unfortunately failed miserably the first couple of times ordering them from just any bar and not knowing any better, quickly realized the error that was made. Barely able to finish due to the wretched flavor and almost giving up never to try one again, I decided to spring for a much more expensive vodka which has made all the difference.

The time is now for all bartenders to step up and give the martini the respect it deserves.