Monday, September 18, 2017

Fuego Bar And Grill To Replace Vietnam Noodle House In Nashua

It is our understanding that a group including the former owner of Gate City Pizza, Enrique Marrero are planning to open a new dining establishment at the previous location of the Vietnam Noodle House in Nashua.  Named Fuego Bar and Grill, they hope to begin business operations within a couple of weeks. The plan is to serve Spanish and American cuisine and to have a bar.

Too bad regarding Vietnam Noodle House. Although we had never visited ourselves the restaurant had their loyal followers.  We were surprised to learn that they were gone.

Fuego has a Facebook page but it hasn't been updated in awhile. There is very little detail but hopefully they will start providing progress reports as they move forward.


138 Main Street
Nashua, NH. 03060


Facebook Page