Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Time Stands Still At The Kowloon

A favorite stop for my wife’s family over the years, Kowloon, an Asian restaurant in Saugus, MA has been on Route 1 for as long as anyone can remember. They were made famous partly by Eddie Andelman, a popular Boston sports radio personality, who visited frequently back in the day. A dinosaur that has changed very little and keeps chugging along while those around it have died off.

Driving past the old sign for Hilltop Steakhouse, thinking of the sadness for those who recalled the good times and knowing that the restaurant had lost their way which ultimately led to their demise. It made me wonder if Kowloon would end up in a similar situation, an unfortunate truth that could happen.

People come here not necessarily for the food but the memories. Fond thoughts remind us of those loved ones who may be gone now and the happiness everyone had when visiting with them in years gone by. We go back to relive these past moments.

But for how long will Kowloon remain, everything is the same, the big sign seen from the highway, the lions out front and the food that is fine, no better or worse than most Asian restaurants. Does this sound familiar, maybe something like Hilltop Steakhouse but with a different cuisine? We hope that Kowloon is around for many more years but wonder that without any changes if they could end up just like the restaurant that had existed up the road and across the street.

If you do decide to take a ride down from the Granite State to see and experience this icon of the past, a white knuckle ride awaits you. Route 1 is a high traffic area with no on ramps so you have to hope some nice person will let you go and dart out into oncoming traffic. I’m probably making too big a deal of this especially for those who drive it every day but I hate driving on this road with no easy entry onto the highway.


948 Broadway
Saugus, MA. 01906